Macromolecular Science at Molecular Scale

Our research is motivated by a desire to understand the dynamic responses of polymers to physical and chemical stimuli effectors in confinement. Particularly, we wish to study certain interesting phenomena pivotal to the design of new macroscopic systems, such as (i) impact of confinement on polymer charge interaction, (ii) effect of curvature on the charge-polymer interactions, (iii) relationship between confined space microenvironment and reactivity, and (iv) effects of chemical gradient on flat band potentials, interfacial energetics, depth of space charge region, and the transport properties of materials. 

We are using current methods of nanofabrication—e.g., polymer self-assembly, colloidal self-assembly, electrophoretic deposition, anodic etching, lithography and other vacuum processing techniques—and create nanostructured templates within which desired monomers can be polymerized in-situ with exceptional molecular scale precision.