Big Red summer Engineering Camp

Greetings:  Here is the abridged version of the presentation discussing the Grand Challenges for Engineering. Use the information provided in the file and estimate your share of carbon dioxide emission. Please send your calculation with the references used to Also let’s practice a simple example: Yesterday I watched FIFA 2018 Wordcup for 1 hour and 30 min; I have two monitors in my home office. According to the link in the powerpoint (check out the link below) having two monitors on for 1 hour and 30 min will be equal to 453600 Joule ( 42 W monitors) 42 W is 42 J/s. Hence the total joules consumed for having two monitor on during the match was equal to:

2 monitor X 42 W X 5400 (s) which is 453600.

Unfortunately my house is in Lincoln and everything is powered through the LES. LES buys electricity from a coal-fired power plant. If you look at the file again you will see for every kWh energy (produced by burning coal)  which is  3600000 ( 1000 X J/s X 3600 s), 900 grams of CO2 is released. So by only having two monitors on during the game, I contributed to 115 grams of CO2 emission. I also left the coffee maker on (rated at 1000 W) during the game, that was not the best move. equivalent of 1000 grams of CO2.

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