Summer 2018

Veerababu and Priyanka started their work at TCIL. Their work will be focused on advanced water treatment and membrane technologies. Welcome!

Nebraska Environemental Trust (NET) partnered with TCIL to develop a new approach for rejuvenating RO membranes. 

Department of Interior award fund to TCIL for developing a novel solar-driven desalination technology. 

Spring 2018

Congratulations to Fatma and Jake on their graduation. Jake will pursue his Ph.D. in University of Colorado Boulder.

Ellie presented her work titled “Optimal Reaction Design of Alkoxy Silane Copolymers using Design of Experiment Methods” in AIChE Spring meeting 2018

Lindsey, Daniel, Paul, and Andy Joined TCI. Welcome All!

Fall 2017

Congratulations to Jesse, our summer intern who was honored in the semifinals for the Siemens competition. This is one of the most prestigious competitions for High School STEM research. Link!

Shayan presented his work on polymeric capsules at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. 

Alexandra joined TCI. Welcome!

Tung and Ben joined TCI. Welcome!

Elham joined the group, welcome Elham!

Spring 2017

Dr. Bavarian and Elham accepted to join TCI! 

Jake joined the group, welcome Jake!

Fatma joined the group, welcome Fatma!

Kim Yip joined the group, welcome Kim Yip!

Fall 2016

Shayan joined the group, welcome Shayan!

Abdullah joined the group, welcome Abdullah!

Group attended AIChE meeting.

Summer 2016

Mahdi joined the group, Welcome Mahdi!

Professor Nejati started at UNL.


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