Shayan Kaviani

Ph.D. Student, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.S., Chemical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, 2014

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Azad University, 2011


Current Research

For doctoral research, I mainly work on synthesizing conjugated polymers thorough gas phase-oxidative chemistry. The fabricated conjugated polymers in oCVD have metal like conductivity reaching more than 1000 S/cm and can be deposited on various substrates. I investigate the physical properties of deposited polymeric film to gain the control on them by tuning deposition parameters.

More Information?

I also work on encapsulation of different materials within polymeric shells and specially fluoropolymers. We have developed a high throughput solution-based approach for encapsulation of ionic liquids within polymeric shells for carbon capture and sequestration applications to enhance the process time constant and preserving absorbents.


Past Research

I completed my M.S. degree in chemical engineering at Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST) under the supervision of Professor Feyzi. I have done researches on thermodynamics and improved predictive thermodynamic models for analysis of gaseous compounds. I have developed a cubic Equation of State (EOS) with ten adjustable parameters to be superseded the 32 parameters and the 13th-order MBWR EOS, which is a computationally involved EOS. Now, Shayan is a doctoral student advised by Professor Nejati at Transformative Coatings and Interfaces Laboratory (TCIL).


I also have the experiences on carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects and expertise in simulation and computational modeling. I have measured the solubility of CO2 in an aqueous solution of Morpholine, using the static method to obtain the solubility data points.