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MEDRC Research Award

Abdullah was awarded the "Omani Young Water Researcher Award 2018" by the prestigious Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC). The award was created by MEDRC to reward excellence in water research and to help inspire and motivate young Omani...

Fighting Biofouling in Reverse Osmosis

Lincoln, NE – April 5, 2018 – Board of Regents, University of Nebraska announced today that it will receive $80,882 from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the “Biocidal Treatment Module for Reverse Osmosis Membrane” project. The Trust Board announced funding for...

AIChE Spring meeting FL

Ellie presented her work titled "Optimal Reaction Design of Alkoxy Silane Copolymers using Design of Experiment Methods” in AIChE Spring meeting 2018

2017 AIChE Annual Meeting Minneapolis, MN.

Shayan presented his work on polymeric capsules at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. Shayan's work is targeted at the encapsulation of functional materials within polymeric capsule using solvent-based processing technique.

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In our group we aim to understand polymeric materials properties at various length scales. By integrating polymeric materials within nanoscale metric porous matrices and characterize their performance, we set forth new ways to think about membrane design and fabrication for a variety of applications such as pervaporation, solvent filtration, water desalination and gas separation. We study interesting phenomena pivotal to fabrication of organized 3D matrices  and  for vacuum-based polymer synthesis. If keywords such as surface science, nanotechnology, transport phenomena, self-assembly, and stimuli-responsive functional polymers excite you, browse our page to learn more about our works and identify opportunities to work and collaborate with us.

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